Data Management

We examine data sourced from various on- and off- line touch points to understand how they work and to leverage unstructured data for market research and forecasting. Creating a centralized source of data from various sources enables clients to gain key consumer insights from a single point of contact.

Omni-Channel Retailing

We create integrated campaigns based on instinctive motivators, implementing seamless online-to-offline strategies. Today’s new retail landscape is all about creating omni-channel strategies that resonate with today’s empowered consumers.


Consumer Engagement

Our approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is simple: keep the conversation active. We engage consumers with content and community events that demonstrate our clients’ values and turn customers into ambassadors.

Customer Experience

We take an integrated approach to designing holistic customer experiences at every touch point. Providing a seamless experience involves efficient and effective use of various tools including social media, digital marketing, event activation and retail floor engagement.
Multi channel. One strategy
12 Apr
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Making an impression last – Activation marketing is dying in today digital age?

Make an impression that last - This would resonate well in the thought of many creative ninjas in our industry. What constitute to a successful marketing campaign activation? How do you initiate concepts...

31 Mar

CSR: Nice knowing you, now time for something new

When the notion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) was first coined in the late 1960s, it was understood as a form of corporate self-regulation to ensure the positive impact of business activities...

25 Mar
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The New Pinterest Exposed

Since it was marked as the up and coming Social Media platform in all techie’s 2012 Predictions, Pinterest had enjoyed surges in popularity over the past 1 and half years. But this is not the time to ...